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ASAP – ASAP LOCK – Mobile fall arrester for rope

The ASAP line of mobile fall arresters consists of 2 products:
– The ASAP, offering fall protection for workers-at-height: carpenters, roofers, tower workers, etc.

– And the ASAP LOCK, designed for difficult access work, which offers two additional functions.
First, it includes a locking system that reduces fall distance by immobilizing the device on the rope. In case of high winds, this function also keeps the rope from being pulled upwards. The ASAP LOCK was also designed to optimize passing rebelays. Its attachment system makes it drop-proof, and simplifies rope installation and removal.

Constant fall protection:
In case of a sudden movement due to a fall, slide or uncontrolled descent, the ASAP LOCK and ASAP fall arresters lock on the rope and stop the worker’s fall.
These mobile fall arresters work equally well on vertical or angled ropes, to adapt to any work site configuration.
In a fall, the user may reflexively grab the device with his hands; the ASAP LOCK and ASAP mobile fall arresters will work, even in this situation.

Simple to use and effective:
The ASAP LOCK and ASAP follow the worker at height in all his movements, with no need for any manual operation. He can therefore focus completely on his task.
These mobile fall arresters may be quickly and easily installed anywhere on the rope by simply retracting the locking wheel.
The ASAP’SORBER energy-absorbing lanyard allows the user to distance the rope, freeing the work space and protecting the rope (from sharp tools, molten metal splash, etc.).